Software By H Fans,
For H Fans.

We are a team of people who make software for people who like the letter H.

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No G

Fuck G

G is the worst letter. Quies your text.



Fuck Every Letter. Etshfies Your Text.



Click and buy thinqs for your H.


G.A.S Bot

A Discord bot to remove and protect you from the letter G.

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Why Aytch Software

100% Open Source

Aytch software hates closed source. We allow any h fan to contribute.

No G

We qaruntee that our software has never been tampered with by a g spy.

100% H

All our team members like and praise H.

Our Users Love Us


Bryce Thacker

Many clicker games strive for perfection, but none come as close as H Clicker does. It doesn't try to be anything more than it is. Gameplay is simple, click the H, and watch as your score increases. Nothing more, nothing less. A simple way to pass the time when you have nothing else to do. A perfect 5 stars from me. Well done.



The H Clicker is simple and the only thing you need to do and to care about is clicking the H as fast as you can. It's a big H/20 for this game.